Bonus Guide

Purchase your iBook and get your companion American Accent Fundamentals Study Guide as a bonus. The American Accent Fundamentals Study Guide was written to help you get the most benefit from your iBook.

The American Accent Fundamentals Study Guide:

Using your Study Guide as you interact with your iBook will help you to focus on, reflect & apply what you learned in each lesson.

The PDF Study Guide provides additional focused instruction on:

  • Vowel Articulation
  • Everyday Dialogs
  • Pronouncing Longer Words
  • Consonant Sounds

Your American Accent Study Guide also contains Checklists & Writing Assignments that will help keep you focused & accountable.

After you complete each chapter in your iBook, use the activities in your Study Guide to review & reflect on what you learned.

Thinking & writing about the difference between your current speech & the sounds of American English will help you make the changes you desire!