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“I am a higher education professional who has worked with many international students. This book is a great resource for anyone wishing to understand and master the basics of the American accent. Kudos for creating this wonderful resource!”

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This book gives a very good and clear overview of the American English accent. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from all the dialogs with native speakers. Since the dialogs were marked I could see where I was supposed to rise and pause. That was much more helpful than having a class with a tutor for 1 hour! I will definately be waiting for the next book in the series!


Biz Flier

I’ve been looking for an interactive book for the American accent for awhile now so I was happy to find this book. It’s really great to have the audio & video embedded right in the book. I can watch the videos, listen to the audio and read the text all at the same time, even when I’m not connected to the internet.

Since I travel a lot this is very important to me.

The book is visually pleasing and the format is easy to follow.

Highly recommended!



This book is a great resource for people trying to learn english. I am a high school teacher who works with a lot of English Language Learners and I think this book will be very helpful. ELL Students don’t get much, if any, instruction in English pronunciation. This book would serve as an excellent foundation for high school or college students who want to learn these rules.

Very Cool

Times Teer

I read and write English really well but I’ve never learned to speak it that well. The teachers I learned from didn’t speak American English so I never heard it pronounced correctly except from TV & movies. The book gave me a good definition of how to speak better. After reading it I understood the vowels and the way some vowels need to be stressed more than others. I also learned about intonation which was essential because I know I don’t do that well. Overall a must-read for all those who want to improve on their English.



Clear, well developed overview of the American accent with great multimedia content including text, audio and video.  Even as a native speaker, I learned a great deal about my own accent! I especially liked the practice dialogs and can see how using this book would lead to better communication skills for anyone seeking to speak English more clearly.


K.B. Riles

Found this book to be really exceptional when it comes to interactivity and multimedia content. I like how the book had a quiz at the end of each chapter. That was a good way to review things I just learned. I wish that some of the quizzes were longer though because I like to learn that way. Overall this is a very good book on the American accent. I learned some very helpful rules and techniques.