Mobile Learning

Learn wherever and whenever you want. Mobile and portable, you can practice your American English wherever you are. You don’t need to be connected to the internet. Once you download your book, all the interactive learning materials are there for you to use.


iBook Benefits

What are some of the benefits of studying the American accent with your new iBook?

Media Integration

The audio, video & text materials are all together in one app. There’s no need to open your book, find your CD player and find the right tracks on the CD…. Everything is synched together for you in one place.

Ultimate Portability

Your iBook is portable, you can take your lessons with you and practice anywhere you want.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet either. Once you download the iBook, all the interactive learning materials are right there on your iPad. Just open the app and get started!

Learning & Practicing is Easy

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, giving you a Big Picture* of the fundamental features of the American accent. You’ll learn the fundamental skills as you build from sounds to phrases and then to sentences & dialogs.

Each lesson is presented in a way that gives you plenty of time to repeat what was said. This means that you can easily practice all your words, phrases & sentences over & over. This is key because you will only improve with focused & repeated practice!

iBook Reading Tools

You can highlight or underline text and take notes. You can look up unfamiliar words in the iBook glossary, dictionary or on the web.

* This book is designed for people who’ve never taken an American accent course before. People who’ve taken previously studied accent reduction but want a tool for practice will also find it very useful.